Frequently Asked Questions

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I am an independent HVAC or Insulation Contractor. How do I get started to buy products and material from Brauer Supply Company?

Our first step is to have you fill-out a credit application so that we can set up a regular account and provide you with trade credit. Contact our St. Louis headquarters at 800-392-8776.

I need help with a product application problem. Where do I go for help?

Contact your nearest Brauer Supply office. We have outside sales representatives who can come to your office to help you find answers. Also, we can link you up with our experienced product managers who can advise you or supply literature and specifications from the many manufacturers we represent.

I am a homeowner. Can I buy material for my DIY projects at Brauer Supply?

Brauer Supply works in partnership with skilled industry practitioners who can most efficiently and safely provide installation and repair of our products. We do not sell to the general public but will be happy to refer you to qualified dealers in your area who can help you.

Will Brauer Supply deliver material to my office or job-site?

Yes. We have extensive fleets of delivery vehicles and experienced drivers operating out of all of our regional locations who can provide next day delivery to your location. For extended deliveries we utilize well-established common carriers which you can select. With our twelve locations you may find it convenient to stop by a branch and pick up your material for the day’s work. Our branches also have pick-up trucks for last minute deliveries to job sites as emergency needs arise.

Check our catalogs for current delivery policies. You will find that in many instances our delivery services are free to you.

What about product warranties?

Brauer Supply represents hundreds of quality manufacturers. Warranties vary by product. Brauer Supply will be happy to provide you information on the warranties provided by manufacturers and will assist you in following up on your concerns.

What if the material I want is not in stock at my nearest Brauer branch?

We strive to keep all fast-moving, popular items available for your convenience. If we do not have an item on hand we can rapidly locate it at our central distribution center or at another branch location and make arrangements for rapid transfer to your local branch or directly to your office.

Does Brauer Supply provide design and installation services?

Brauer is a pure wholesaler-distributor. As such we provide material in cartons for contractors or maintenance departments of industrial organizations to install or use in particular applications. We do not engineer product applications. We do have very knowledgeable people who will advise you of the latest product developments and availability, link you up with manufacturer’s personnel, provide latest literature and specification, and advise you on how others have resolved your particular problems.

We frequently provide manufacturer supplied training programs.

I wish to become an authorized dealer for one of the quality lines of HVAC equipment distributed by Brauer Supply Company. How do I get started?

We want to make sure that our products are represented by the best and most-qualified dealers in the region. We invite you to inquire as to the requirements for being a dealer (trained personnel, financial stability, location in a market which needs to be served, dedication to customer service and safety, etc.).

Does Brauer Supply provide any special incentives for the professionals who buy and sell Brauer products?

We have a variety of programs providing advertising and promotion support, education and training, incentive travel, and signage and uniform programs to help you succeed. Call our dealer support specialists for information.

I am interested in a career with Brauer Supply Company? How do I apply?

Brauer Supply is always looking for bright and talented people who know how to meet customer needs. This is particularly true for people with knowledge and experience in the product and market areas of HVAC, Thermal Insulation, Air Filtration and Fasteners. Contact our headquarters at 800-392-8776 or fax resumes to 314-534-1816 to inquire about any current openings. Most openings are also placed from time-to-time on popular internet job posting sites.

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